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“I could not recommend this company enough, especially Sergey. He was so friendly, professional and very well educated in his products. He took his time to ensure our issues were fixed properly and was extremely well priced. Would definitely use him again.”

Michelle B.

Happy to recommend Sergey and antenna systems, he communicated, was professional, explained the process and fixed the problem for a fair and reasonable price. Perfect!
Raymond P.

“Antenna systems were fantastic. They installed an aerial, connected 2 points and mounted both my TVs when I moved into my new house. Professional, knowledgeable and great work done. Also competitively priced. Nothing was a problem, they went out of their way to find a solution. Would definitely recommend them.”

Orly D.

A comprehensive deinstallation of an old TV antenna and the installation of a new TV antenna were handled professionally by Sergey. He outlined all the elements of the job and followed through on each of them. Our TV reception has improved as a result. He gets back to you unlike many other Cos and Sergey is pleasant to deal with. I think his prices are very competitive and his service is excellent.

Peter P.


“Sergey was very helpful, he explained to us what is needed to be done very clearly and provided us with a quote on the spot. After installing the antenna and some cable work, he tuned our TV and we had a great picture ever since. Great price and great service, will definitely recommend!”

Boris F.

Wolli Creek

5 star plus service provided by Sergey. He was prompt and able to provide a same day aerial replacement service. Sergey was also happy to provide advice and went above and beyond to ensure we have great tv reception. Thanks and happy to recommend.
Linda M.

Why choose us?

We have completed over 4500 installations across Sydney, from simple repairs of wall sockets to complete full installations for residential homes, commercial houses, schools and complex unit blocks. We respond to enquiries on the same day they are sent through and provide service as soon as possible as we do not want to leave our clients waiting. We will not leave the location until we are sure that you have a top-quality picture and strong reception via our Australian made antennas. We use professional measurement equipment and run high industry standard cables, such as rg6 quad shield cables for antennas and cat 6 cables for data points. Our heavy-duty antennas are manufactured in Australia and designed for the Sydney region. We use only the most reliable brands that we have found during our experience work the best. Before we begin our work, we will outline every aspect of the installation, and whether upgrade or repairs are required. We will provide you with a free quote and always give five years warranty on our antennas to ensure our clients a good peace of mind.

Who we are?

We are a family-owned and operated antenna installation company. We are experts in all areas relating to TVs, antennas, digital smart house solutions, data and coaxial cabling. We are always searching the industry for the best new-evolving products and solutions.

All our employees undergo training and quality assurance via Antenna Systems to ensure consistent high standards. We are ASMA licensed and a fully insured company with a Telecommunication III certificate.

What antennas we use?

There are two types of transmitters in the Sydney region for digital television: Ultra high frequency (UHF) and Very high frequency (VHF). For this reason, we only use antennas that work with these frequencies, most commonly being High Gain and Matchmaster antennas. We will measure the signal strength at your location and choose the most suitable antenna based on its gain level to ensure top signal strength and quality. We follow the Australian Standard AS/CA S009:2013 in all installation tasks.

Why is my picture not clear?

There are many factors that can affect your picture quality. If an old analog antenna, an incorrect digital antenna, a faulty masterhead amplifier or poor quality antenna is installed, the picture quality will be compromised. The same applies to the use of poor quality cables and splitters or poor installations. There are many houses in Sydney that still have very old analog cables installed which do not have protection from electromagnetic interference coming from various appliances, mobile towers, wireless signals and so on. There are many aspects that need to be considered when figuring out why your TV picture is not clear. We can’t tell you the reason(s) over the phone as every situation is different. That’s why we offer to come to your location for free, troubleshoot, diagnose the problem and then provide you with a free quote for the work required.

Can I add more TV points?

It depends on how many TV points you already have as well as your current signal strength. But 99 per cent of the time we can say YES, you can add more points in your location. It may just mean that you will need to do some prior upgrades to your antenna system – you may need to add a master head amplifier to your antenna or replace your antenna entirely. It may be more economically viable to do everything at the same time.

I have an analogue antenna, do I need to change to digital?

It depends where you live. If you are in Sydney, then most of the time your analogue antenna will receive a digital signal because they both have the same frequency. However, in most cases, analogue antennas have poor gain strength, which results in poor picture quality and pixilation. A new antenna will give you a clearer picture, stronger signal strength, more channels and many years of good quality TV free to air reception. Digital antennas are also significantly smaller, meaning that they have less wind load and are more durable. If you are away from Sydney, then in many cases you will need to change your analogue antenna to UHF digital antenna due to the difference in frequency.

What is the difference between Australian made and China made antennas?

The main difference between Australian and Chinese antennas is their lifespan. You may not notice the difference in the picture in the first few months, but in about 1-2 years time the internal parts of antennas made in China tend to corrode, resulting in your signal strength weakening, leading to pixilation or loss of some or all channels. The Australian heavy-duty antennas we use are designed specifically for the Sydney climate, durable in Sydney’s summer heat. UHF antennas also have 4G filters installed, which prevent 4G interference from LTE mobile towers.

Will an amplifier fix my reception issues?

Amplifiers or signal boosters are not an integral part of the antenna system and should be installed only if necessary. There are two types of amplifiers – masterhead amplifiers and distribution amplifiers. Masterhead amplifiers are the most common. They can be found on the antenna mount and are attached under the antenna. It should only be installed when the reception signal from a new high gain digital antenna is still not strong enough to deliver a good quality picture. If your picture is pixelating, then we will first need to check your antenna. If your antenna is 10+ years old, then it might not perform as well as before and will need to be replaced, especially if it is a low-quality brand. In this situation, a masterhead amplifier will not solve the reception issues. The aged antenna is not providing a sufficient signal strength and quality to be boosted.

In many cases, if only three to four TV points are required, we aim to not install amplifiers if possible. The reason is to try and keep your antenna system as simple and reliable as possible. Even if we install a top grade heavy-duty Matchmaster amplifier with build-in 4G filter, we know that they are less reliable than a high-quality antenna. We aim to only install a high-quality digital antenna that will give you a crystal clear picture for 25+ years.

However, there are some cases when you have to have an amplifier installed. For example:

  1. If you have five or more TV points in the house and you are not close to a transmission tower.
  2. Instead of installing a long mast, we are sometimes able to use a short mast and amplifier to obtain a better signal. This is also much cheaper and safer for the house as long masts sometimes fall with age and damage the roof.

Distribution amplifiers are generally used in unit blocks where many TV points are installed.


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