Need a new antenna but don’t know where to start?

First tip, check out the Australian government website Second tip, do not buy an antenna by yourself. Many of our customers have made this mistake, only to have to head back to the store to return it and here’s why:

(1) Most of the antennas on the retail market are made from cheap materials that won’t provide the signal you’re after and are not long lasting.

(2) Installing antennas is a high risk activity that requires appropriate training and certification.

(3) You’ll end up spending two or three times more by having to change your antenna every couple of years due to buying a poor quality antenna available in stores, or by an unsuccessful attempt to install it yourself.

Overall, you’ll spend more trying to spend less.

Here at Antenna Systems, several factors are considered when obtaining the highest quality digital picture on your TV:

  • The type and size of antenna required for your specific area with consideration of the location of Sydney’s UHF or VHF transmitters.

  • The ideal position of your antenna, involving adjustment of height, direction and antenna polarisation.

  • The ideal mount or mast for your antenna.

  • Whether an amplifier is required to increase signal strength, an attenuator if signal strength is too powerful, or filter to eliminate 4G LTE noise.

Overall, the physics of obtaining a good digital picture come down to two key factors: (1) signal strength and (2) the quality of the signal, also known as modulation error ratio.

At your location, our technicians use professional signal meters to determine what will be the best setup required and will provide a free on the spot quote.

All our antennas are Australian made from heavy duty materials. We are take pride and confidence in all our product and services and therefore provide all customers with a  5-year warranty on our antennas. Please see Terms & Conditions.

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