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Pay TV and Foxtel Installation

Having troubles with your cable Foxtel?

Due to the rollout of NBN in Australia, Foxtel is moving all its cable customers to satellite dishes. Satellite service is different to cable service in two main areas:

(1) You must have 2 RG6 coaxial cables running from your satellite dish or multiswitch to your Foxtel box (including IQ, IQ2, IQ3, and IQ4 box).

(2) You will lose some of your channels that are available on Free to Air. However, using IQ3 box you can get all these channels back. All you need is a good reception from your antenna and an antenna outlet. Ideally, you’ll need three coaxial cables running to each outlet, two for Foxtel and one for the antenna, but it is still possible to run Foxtel and Free to Air channels from two cables by sharing one cable for two services.

In some cases, customers have problems connecting to Foxtel due to the complexity of the installation. We are here to help and consider customer installation preferences.

Our services will leave you with a tidy and hassle-free finish, and in most cases, you won’t see any cables running externally.

Our technicians install Foxtel approved satellite dishes, run Foxtel approved cables and use Foxtel approved equipment only. With Foxtel approved signal strength meters we are able to provide you with the best quality picture available from Foxtel.

Here is a summary of what we offer:

  • Full new Foxtel installation

  • New outlets to existing systems (Foxtel, Optus)

  • Internet cable points (Optus, Telstra, NBN)

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