Troubleshooting & repairs


Getting a pixelated picture, or worse, no signal at all?

First basic but often money-saving tip: check that your antenna cable is plugged into your TV and into the wallplate. If you are still getting a bad picture after that, then it’s time to call Antenna Systems to locate and correct the problems.

There are both internal and external factors that affect your reception. These include:

(1) LTE 4G mobile towels

(2) High voltage power lines

(3) Interference with your electrical appliances

(4) Faulty or damaged cable, splitter, antenna, or

(5) You simply have an outdated analog antenna

(6) And more.

The most common problems tend to be:

  • Not receiving some or all of the following channels: 7, 9, 10, ABC, SBS

  • All channels stopped working suddenly

  • Faulty antenna due to age, wear and tear, damage due to severe weather, broken masts or brackets

  • Pixelation

As highly experienced Antenna professionals, there is no antenna problem we haven’t seen or corrected before. Upon arrival we will troubleshoot, determine the problem and provide the best cost-effective solution.​

Simply call us or book a quote online now to make an appointment and we will fix the problem.

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