TV Point Installation

Looking to add more tv outlets?

It is ideal to plan out the location of TV points during the construction of your home as you can put them wherever you like to suit your preference, but how about when you move into a new home and want your TV in a different spot to where the TV points have been installed? Don’t worry we can help.

We understand all types of houses and will offer the best solution on to how to run the desired new cable. We run cables in a cavity when possible or externally when there is no other way. When we finish, you will feel that the outlet has always been there.

In many cases, it is possible to have three to four points on your high gain antenna without having to use a master head amplifier. However, in some cases, you may need to strengthen your signal to meet the Australian standards for digital TV reception. When we arrive, we will test your signal strength and quality, and based on those results we will work out the most appropriate solution for your circumstances.

As well as Free-to-Air, we run new outlets for Foxtel, Optus, NBN and other Pay TV services using industry cables and connectors. Our technicians will provide a FREE quote following assessment.

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