TV Wall Mounting

TV Wall Mounting

Important aspects of TV wall mounting

When mounting a TV, several factors need to be taken into consideration: firstly, the desired new location for the TV, secondly, its height from the ground with consideration of the location from which the TV will be watched, thirdly, the type of bracket to use with consideration of its functionality and durability, fourthly, the type of wall involved and the correct anchoring points to suit it and finally, the concealing of cables inside the wall or neatly within an external TV cable conduit. Our specialists have a range of brackets available. At your location, we will consider all of the above factors before recommending the most suitable bracket for your situation.

Determining The Right TV Bracket For TV Wall Mount Installation

Having the right bracket installed for your TV will improve the experience of watching TV. The most common types of TV brackets available are:

Fixed TV brackets

The most commonly used brackets used for TV wall mounting in lounge rooms. These brackets are very durable and can be installed on any type of walls. Fixed TV brackets will ensure that your TV is as close to the wall as possible. With this bracket, your TV will be fixed in one position and its position will not be able to be adjusted.

Tilted TV brackets

This type of bracket allows your TV to be adjusted downwards to an angle of approximately twelve degrees. These brackets are most commonly used in bedrooms and other locations where a TV needs to be installed very high, such as in gyms, restaurants and cafes. With a tilted TV bracket, your TV won’t be as close to the wall as with a fixed bracket.

All-motion TV brackets

This bracket allows for your TV to be adjusted in all directions. These TV wall mounts are more complicated to install as they are heavy and a lot more bulky. They also cannot be installed on all type of walls, but our technicians will let you know if it will be possible.

Swivel brackets

This bracket is commonly used when mounting a TV in the corner of a room or when you want to have the possibility to turn your TV left an right. These brackets can be installed on brick walls or on walls with studs.

Ceiling TV wall mounting

Commonly used when it is impossible to install a TV on a wall, as well as in restaurants, pubs, and hotels so that the TV can be seen from all locations. These TV brackets allow the mounting of a TV to a ceiling.

Before installing any of these brackets it is important to consider the type of wall available and its condition, the weight of the TV and its size.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of TV Wall Mounting

Each household has different needs, concerns and purposes for TV wall mounting. Each person will weigh the advantages and disadvantages differently.The main advantage of TV wall mounting is ensuring children’s safety. There is a high risk that a TV might fall from a TV cabinet if it is pushed or pulled by a child.Another advantage is space management. Wall mounted TVs save a lot of space as you will no longer need to use a TV cabinet to stand your TV on. This is especially an advantage in small units and small rooms.Finally, TV wall mounting is part of a modern design and will highlight the interior design in your house or unit.

The main disadvantage is the complexity of DIY installation. TV wall mount installation requires certain skills, special tools and good quality TV wall brackets. Another disadvantage is some TV wall brackets can only be installed on certain walls, and if you have a plasterboard wall, the TV bracket can only be installed on its studs, meaning that you won’t be able to choose its location.


Our professionals are highly trained in securely and safely mounting TVs to various wall types. When we arrive, we will make an assessment and recommend the best location for your TV and the most suitable bracket to use. We will find a suitable height to install the TV with consideration of the location from which our clients will be watching the TV, and also to limit children’s reach.

Choosing to mount your TV to the wall will give you a peace of mind, knowing that your children will be safer. It will also provide more living space, no longer needing a bulky cabinet, and will look more stylish.

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