Antenna installation splitter

What is a splitter? A splitter is an internal part of an antenna system which splits the signal from the antenna to all TV points installed in the house. When you would like three TV points installed, a three way splitter will need to be installed, a four way splitter for four TV points, and so on. And the more TV points that need to be connected to the antenna through the splitter, the stronger the antenna signal will need to be.

When we come to our clients, one of the first questions we ask is, how many TV points do you currently have in the house? The answer to this question is very important when we are estimating the required signal strength from the antenna.

Types of splitters

There are three types of splitters: (1) power pass one-port, (2) no power pass and (3) all ports power pass. In this text I’ll explain the main differences of those types. Both of these splitters are widely used and both can be used in the same antenna systems.

Power pass one-port splitters have been widely used for decades in Australia. These splitters have the least signal loss and can be used simultaneously in the antenna system when an amplifier is required. However, there is one limitation with power pass one-port splitters. They have only one port that the power can pass through to the amplifier, therefore the power supply cannot be moved to another TV point. This sometimes results in an unwanted recall when clients do not realise this and move the power supply for the amplifier from one wall plate to another. We aim to eliminate this kind of mistake by installing power pass one-port splitters only to antenna installations where an amplifier is not required and customer has no more than three TV points.

When an amplifier is required, we use power pass all ports splitters. These types of splitters have more signal loss, however the amplifier will compensate for these losses. Also, these splitters eliminate the problem when relocating the power supply for the amplifier mentioned in the previous paragraph. Power pass all ports splitters allow you to plug the power supply in any TV point in the antenna system.

Generally power pass all ports splitters were not popular common in antenna installation systems because they had more signal losses and cost more until recent times. The new generation of these splitters have exactly the same signal loss on two, four and six way splitters and their cost is very similar to one-port power pass splitters. We use power pass all port splitters for antenna installations when two, four or more TV points are required, and we use three ways all port power pass splitter when an amplifier is required.

All port power pass splitters are also used for satellite dish installations on a single LNB or on a pair of stacked LNBs when both polarisations output at once on different frequencies.

Overall, the more TV points required, the stronger signal strength has to be from the antenna. It is important to check your splitter condition and replace it if necessary when upgrading the antenna. It is also recommended to keep the number of splitters to a minimum. For example, we recommend to install one six-way splitter instead of installing five two-way splitters.

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