Congratulations on your purchase. You can be rest assured that you have purchased a high quality of product. The warranty provided on the products you have purchased extends to defects caused by manufacturing faults, and Antenna Systems will provide you with a warranty against such defects as follows:


Any manufacturing defects that occur within the relevant warranty period, under normal use and care, will be repaired, replaced or refunded at the complete discretion of Antenna Systems. The warranty period for antennas is 5 years with manufacturers warranty passed on for all other products, up to a maximum of 12 months. Please note that this warranty is in addition to protections afforded to consumers under Australian and State legislation and relevant common law, including Australian Consumer Law.


This warranty is valid for the original purchaser and is not transferable to any other person. In order to pursue a claim, you will be required to retain and present your tax invoice or receipt as proof of purchase, including the relevant date of purchase.


This warranty is limited to defects in workmanship or parts. All defective products or parts will be repaired, replaced or refunded at the sole discretion of Antenna Systems. This warranty does not cover batteries, fly leads, HDMI cables or any other consumable items.


This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear to the products and parts.


This warranty excludes any of the following:

• Any defects caused by an accident, misuse, abuse, operation, lack of reasonable care, unauthorised modification, loss of parts, tampering or attempted repair by a person not authorised by the distributor,
• Any product that has not been operated or maintained in accordance with the manufacturers operating instructions provided with the product, and
• Any damage caused by improper power input or improper cable connection.

• For recalls, a service call fee of AU$150 will apply (a) if the found defect has been caused by the customer or by a third party, (b) if a defect of our provided services and products is not found.


• Contact: Antenna Systems
• Email: contact@antennasystems.com.au
• Phone: 0432767208 or use our website’s contact form.

Upon submission of a claim, please provide proof of purchase in the form of a tax invoice or receipt, as well as an explanation of the issue(s) that are being experienced.

Upon receipt of a warranty claim, Antenna Systems may be required to attend site in order to inspect the goods and the issue(s). Following an inspection of the goods and issue(s), Antenna Systems will determine the appropriate remedial action required and advise accordingly.

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